(New Feature) Hi-Five: Minnie Riperton (Perfect Angel)

I love watching/listening/reading interviews with entertainers, authors, critical thinkers…it doesn’t matter whether I’ve ever heard of them/their work or not. I think it’s the ritual of inquiry with the potential to put on display some of the quirks and idiosyncrasies of life…that either make you feel like the artist is a person just like you – or is really not like you, but something altogether different, whether that’s a good or a bad thing for you at that moment. Unfortunately, interviews that surface through commercial media channels focus too much on the artists’ personal lives, without making the connections to the art that I would like to see.

So, “Hi Five” is something I’ll try to do from time to time where I put out questions that I have for an artist about their life and work and how those things influence each other. Maybe one day we’ll get responses (clearly not in this instance)…

Minnie Riperton: Perfect Angel (1974)

  1. Who or what is your “Perfect Angel?”
  2. On “Everytime He Comes Around,” the combination of the guitar and your high octave belting in the background is eerily seductive. What affect did you anticipate the background vocals having on the song?
  3. What’s one instrument you wish you could have played and included on this album? Why?
  4. This record has songs that are more overtly sexual than the songs on Come to My Garden were, including the beautiful “Lovin You” and “Everytime He Comes Around.” Does this reflect a change in you or your comfort with public expression of emotion?
  5. This album feels like a journey of joy, desire, appreciation, and personal introspection. With the combination of upbeat tunes like “It’s So Nice (To See Old Friends)” and “Seeing You Like This” and the reflections “Take a Little Trip” and “Reasons,” what was the overall statement you wanted to share with Perfect Angel?

~ by Anayah on October 28, 2006.

2 Responses to “(New Feature) Hi-Five: Minnie Riperton (Perfect Angel)”

  1. […] i have these from time to time. days when i have to pay homage to this ancestor – my favorite singer/songwriter of all time: minnie riperton. you’ll notice that i had another such day when i began my hi-fives. […]

  2. Superb blog 🙂

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