be a ‘Star’



i love the roots. if you’re reading this, then you probably do too. i just ran across it and felt compelled to add it here.

i’m really feeling this video because it tapped into the early 20s pre-menopausal side of my personality that prompts me to weep at the sheer humanity displayed through artistic expression, especially movies. well, the movements in the video were a lil too rapid for me to weep. but, i did cry inside a little when the two boys ‘in they white tees’ were crossing the street with the screw-faced laughter at homeboy making his way to work at {insert fast food restaurant here} to provide for his daughter by steadier…and safer means. boys and men passing each other by in the streets, how poetic.

everytime i see a new video from game theory, i kick myself in the butt for not having purchased it yet. it’s on my “gift me list” though…


~ by Anayah on November 10, 2006.

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