2006 BET Hip-Hop Awards

The Church of Hip-Hop gathered this week for BET’s first (annual?) Hip-Hop Awards. It was good to see that so many performers are true fans of each other. I mean, you don’t see all the country singers standing up in awe of each other and singing all the lyrics like they’re spectators during performances at the Country Music Awards. Loves it! Anyhow, Cleo only knows why BET is just jumping on the hip-hop bandwagon…but I have to say I’m glad they did. This show came off like what the Source Awards could be if there wasn’t so much grime and fighting. Here are some highlights:

I have to take Katt Williams in doses if I am to take him at all…but, whosomever penned this speech deserves the “Hip-Hop Magician of the Year Award” for making KW make sense and presenting a subversively accurate cultural analysis of hip-hop. Don’t you just love how Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Venus and Serena are black makes them hip-hop ambassadors?

I was extremely impressed by both ciphers…regardless of the fact that most of the rhymes were very pre-written. Lupe killed it with the Nas-inspired extended metaphor of the hood as a strung-out, repressed dude with no sense of self.

Styles P, you did me proud with this line: School of hard knocks/no parent teacher conference.

Remy Ma without TS? Good Luck, for real.

The brotha Sway from England reminded us to wonder where Das Efx is. I’ll be looking out for him…

flow so hot it made white folks leave wit a tan line/black folks left with a new mind/i did one show and every hood’ll end black-on-black crime…Now why is it again that Rhymefest can go overseas and get crazy love and attention, but not here?

I wanted to add a clip of Busta Rhymes receiving the “Move the Crowd” award for best showmanship on stage, which is clearly well deserved considering the kind of energy he brings to the stage. Anyhow, I haven’t been able to get a clip of it. In any case, I want to thank Busta for being the one to finally step up and really school younger rappers. So many of these knuckleheads need to be slapped upside the head (or, have their ‘asses busted’, as Busta would have it). Consider the wack stage presence of a Rick Ross, Jim Jones (ugh), or Game and you understand.

Speaking of Game, I do have to give him big props for the orchestration of “One Blood” with Junior Reed (!) hoppin hopping around without cessation and an Ethiopian flag in his pocket as only a true Rasta can. Bless up!

Oh, and just because you said you don’t have beef with Jay-Z at the end of the song doesn’t change the fact that you dissed him in the song homey…

In general, I have this thing about why modern R&B isn’t considered to be just as hip-hop as rapping. Consider Beyonce’s latest release. I mean, it sounds like Jay could’ve wrote the lyrics to “Ring the Alarm” and “Upgrade U” and the production is not very different than what we would hear on a rap track. Isn’t it sexist to exclude the female-dominated R&B industry from being painted with the Hip-Hop brush?








~ by Anayah on November 18, 2006.

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