Ku Klux Kramer

Unless you’ve been living in Tyra Banks’ wigs for the past week, you’ve no doubt seen the footage of Michael “Kramer” Richards performing his racist subconscious at the Laugh Factory in L.A. last weekend. If not, go here to watch it.

I didn’t really feel any need to post it. I mean, not only has it been displayed and replayed in every way possible…but, he already showed his ass and I didn’t really see any way to assist him in it…until now. Watch Paul Mooney’s appearance on Greta Grim Reaper Van Susteran show commenting on the incident:

Oh, and he did “apologize” (in quotes because we’re obviously dealing with a very loose interpretation of the word). You can watch it here (Afro-Americans?).

The targets of Richards’ hatred appeared on the Today show. Here is footage of their interview:

After seeing them talk about the incident, I wonder if the weight of the disgusting history of the word ‘nigger’ means anything different to them than it did before. Now, I don’t know them to say that they use if freely as a ‘term of enderment.’ But, for those who do and did, would an incident like this mean anything to them?



~ by Anayah on November 25, 2006.

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