What do you know about Pac’s life?

I’m so wishy-washy with the rehash tracks they do using old vocals of deceased artists….especially when you put wack ass Ashanti on the track. So, needless to say, I’d turn the station anytime the song “Pac’s Life” came on, regardless of how I feel about Tupac. But, as I checked out my facorite gossip blogs this weekend, I couldn’t escape the video fo the song…



…and that was all it took for sentimental little me to start boohooing. I still feel like the track would have been better served by someone like Shareefa, YahZara, or Mary J. Blige, but, as should be the motto with any appearance by Ashanti, “you take what you can get.” TI’s appearance on the track came at the perfect time in his career and I’m glad that he’s on the track.


Anyhow, my real point in starting this post is to say that it makes me proud that rappers are so consistent about honoring our ancestors – a tradition of indigenous people around the world that we have managed to hold onto in our own way in this country.


~ by Anayah on November 25, 2006.

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