…to the moon, alice! to the moon!

When I read this article, it reminded me of a fable (“The Space Traders”) I read in high school in Derrick Bell’s book Faces at the Bottom of the Well: The Permanence of Racism. In this story, he explores the possibility of aliens coming to Earth and offering to restore the environment to its original pristine condition if all the blacks were offered up as payment to be taken to the moon. It was interesting the way it all panned out. Anyhow, read Faces at the Bottom of the Well and this article below that talks about how NASA is planning to establish a permanent base on the moon and let me know what you think…



U.S. Plans Permanent Base on the Moon (from BBC News)


US space agency Nasa has said it plans to start work on a permanently-occupied base on the Moon after astronauts begin flying back there in 2020.


The base is likely to be built on one of the Moon’s poles and will serve as a science centre and possible stepping stone for manned missions to Mars.

The US has already said it plans to build a new lunar spacecraft to succeed the last Apollo mission in 1972.

Funds will be moved from space shuttle flights, due to be scrapped in 2010.

The structure of the base and the exact duties of the astronauts stationed there have not been decided.

Nor is it clear when the base will begin functioning.

Lunar outpost

“We’re going for a base on the moon,” Scott “Doc” Horowitz, Nasa’s associate administrator for exploration, said.

The agency’s deputy head, Shana Dale, is quoted by the Associated Press news agency as saying that the “fundamental lunar approach” will be very different to earlier Moon missions.

read more: full BBC article


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  1. i guess our sister octavia butler was on to something in parable of the sower, talents and clay’s ark. all of a sudden, comedians don’t seem so crazy with the common joke about the future: “white folks dont expect us to be around in the future because all the black people in star trek-type episodes are aliens”… hmm something to ponder about.

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