minnie riperton day

i have these from time to time. days when i have to pay homage to this ancestor – my favorite singer/songwriter of all time: minnie riperton. you’ll notice that i had another such day when i began my hi-fives.


aside from how remarkably weightless and penetrating her voice was, she emanated such beauty and senstivity with her lyrics…


Minnie Riperton – ‘Reasons’


the reasons for my life are in a million faces
like aching promises i feel them in my bones
slipping through my fingers to dance upon the road
the reasons for my life are more than i can hold
but oh, the sweet delight to sing with all my might
to spark the inner light of wonder burning bright
you’re not alone
you’re not alone

the reasons for my life are buried in deep places
words once could awaken them
these seeds that i have sown
ringing through the madness to crash against the cold
the reasons for my life cannot be bought or sold

the reasons for my life are filling all my spaces
like rushing waters flow, they carry me along
twisting through my memory to pull free from the load
the reasons for my life are more than i was told


what?! who gets on soul train and says ‘the reasons for my life are more than i can hold’?!


‘Lovin You’ – live performance clip

minnie riperton (nov. 8, 1947 – jul. 12, 1979)



~ by Anayah on December 10, 2006.

3 Responses to “minnie riperton day”

  1. Wonderful Article. Minnie was one of the Greats! Although she was worthy of much more recognition. Her music still lives on in many of us, for it has a timeless appeal. Her voice was full of the ups and downs that life serves us all and yet we move on. Minnie’s voice was emitted through strong, yet weightless vocals and notes so powerful, yet almost to sharp to hear. Hers truly was a miracle of life, a gift from God for the whole world to see and hear.

  2. hey doc! so glad you stopped by and dropped a note…and even more glad that to know that i’m not alone in my minnie adoration. do you have a favorite minnie riperton song or album?

  3. […] Year’s costume party, but I couldn’t find the right overalls to pull it off! Anyhow, you know how much I love me some Minnie, so the video is all right with me. Honestly, I wasn’t feeling the song so much at first, but […]

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