harry potter 7 on its way…

yes, i do read the harry potter series!

harry potter can have their anticipation heightened by going to jk rowling’s website and finding out the title of seventh (and final?) book and following the directions below.

i found out about this from the “harry potter news aggregator” website. go to jkrowling.com, click on the little eraser on the desk, and follow the directions below:

  • 1. Click doorway in mirror to see Christmas tree.
  • 2. Click on the top half of the door to get the wreath.
  • 3. Click on the top of the mirror to get the garland.
  • 4. Click on the spider web right next to the door to make them go away.
  • 5. Click the 4th chime in the window and get the key for the door.
  • 6. Drag key to unlock the door.
  • 7. Door opens to show a desk with a package.
  • 8. Click the bow on the package and it will open.
  • 9. Click the inside of the package and a game of Hangman is shown where you can play a game to guess the name of the seventh book.
  • 10. You can keep playing till you get it right and when you do a check mark will appear.
  • ====—


    ~ by Anayah on December 21, 2006.

    One Response to “harry potter 7 on its way…”

    1. i love harry potter a lot & i shared on a competishion 4 harry potter if i win i could visit the greate hall and i could also see harry ,ron & hermione..

      i wish i see harry potter..

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