happy new year! the holidays were much more hectic than i could have imagined, so i didn’t really have time to post. but, i think i’m back now.

for the past couple of days, i’ve been peeking over people’s shoulders to see the latest photos of the oprah winfrey leadership academy for girls that recently opened in south africa. about 3 weeks ago, it become one of my big goals to be a part of this place. so, i opened my anti-microsoft office word processor (openoffice) and typed up a 3 page letter to ms. winfrey about how i want my path as teacher to include working with these students for whom the very act of being educated will be something revolutionary and deeply impactful on so many other people’s futures. . .but, i haven’t yet steeled myself with the gumption to send it! i’m hoping that by writing this post, i’ll pump myself up enough to do one…maybe two more reads and edits and just send it off already.

anyhow, i’ve been hearing people complain about how they think oprah is wrong or being too audacious in putting her $40 million into a school in south africa instead of building one here, in the states. i, for one, admire oprah for having the courage to nurture and manifest her vision (even if i never make it there!) not to mention that i know oprah has a tremendous history of investing in education because she made a significant contribution to my high school while i was a student there; it gave the school a great public face and really boosted the collective self-confidence of the people, administrators, teachers, and students alike. i think the school used it to beautify the facade of the building.

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p.s. thanks for the love marsha!!


~ by Anayah on January 5, 2007.

5 Responses to “oprah”

  1. Oprah did this because she did a DNN test and discovered that her ancestors were Zulu so she is doing something for the Motherland. All of us Blacks should do something for the Motherland because in the end if Africa rises again the whole Black Race will benefit where ever they live. When China rose every Chinese became more respected.We must never lose sight of our African culture and homeland. As the Jews do for Israel we must do for Africa. And make a trip to the Motherland and learn what you left behind and can still use to raise our children. Malcolm X said,”Why you left your mind in Africa” and it still holds true that once Blacks regain what they left in Africa they will free themselves from racism in u.s.a.
    Sister Yeye Akilimali Funua Olade

  2. Oprah did this because she said that children on the south side of Chicago wanted iPods and not education. Her words not mine.

  3. i’ve read the quotes from lady o about the dna testing and about american students having the wrong priorities when it comes to education. i think that she opened the school for both of these reasons and so many more. from what i gather, she still donates money to schools in the states, but she felt a real connection with the lives and circumstances of girls in south africa. a good friend once told me that despite what you think you know, you can never really know a person’s motivations or intentions and i really believe that. oprah may have become discouraged with chicago students…or could have just as well been motivated by the guidance of her ancestors. who knows?

  4. Hey Nite,

    I mean you know how I feel about this. I think what she did is incredibly generous. The kids seem so incredibly happy. I just wish she hadn’t dogged American kids the way she did.

  5. I think Oprah is one of the greatest women of African descent to have ever existed. She also wants to build more schools. I have no qualms about spending so much money on the school. I’m sure rich people all over the world have sent their children to similar schools so why is it a problem when it is for black children. Its because the west doesn’t thing black girls deserve it. Plus, why does Oprah have to save everyone? Why does she have to improve the U.S. schools, isn’t that the government’s job? Aren’t there plenty of people, including parents who can give money to children’s schools in the U.S. If Americans what their schools to be better then they can afford to pay. Can parents in South Africa pay as much to improve their schools? Its no one’s business where Oprah spends her money. All those people who spend millions on stupid cars, jewlery, furs, booze, cigars, and designer clothes could improve the U.S. school system in a second. They have the money but they don’t want to spend it. So instead they criticize Oprah when she does what they are not willing to do!

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