spring in january

while riding the bus to work, i passed by the strangest sight…a tree budding with leaves in january! global warming, right? so, i started asking other people if they’d noticed things like this, only to discover that it’s pretty widespread. not only are we seeing 70 degree days, but the freakin cherry blossoms at the brooklyn botanic garden are in bloom! i hope this doesn’t mean we’ll have wintery springs and springy summers…


Cherry Blossoms Bloom In New York City

(CBS) NEW YORK Whether it’s because of global warming, El Nino, or just a really long warm front, weather in New York City this winter has been awfully strange. With temperatures continually hovering around 50 degrees and even occasionally nearing 60, perhaps the most bizarre weather-related incident happened in Brooklyn, N.Y. where a cherry blossoms decided to make an early appearance.

At the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, it hardly seems like the dead of winter. Most cherry blossoms don’t bloom until the beginning of spring when the winter chill finally begins to warm up. But there hasn’t been a winter chill for most of the season, and for that reason, a cherry blossom tree was in practically full bloom on this the second day of January.

“It’s very unusual. We have thousands and thousands of flowers on this tree,” Dr. Mark Tebbitt told WCBS-TV, the CBS owned station in New York.



~ by Anayah on January 8, 2007.

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