Johnson Publications Ebony & Jet ban use of the ‘N’ word

there seems to be a growing cadre of african americans – who get media attention – fed up with the use of the ‘n’ word and want its use to be eradicated. i’m glad that there is finally some level of public discourse in which people are saying, ‘No, even if a word is spoken from a place of self-hatred, it cannot be a ‘term of endearment’…well, maybe i haven’t heard that said, but it’s the way i feel about it. now, johnson publications have made a public declaration disallowing the use of any form of the word in ebony and jet magazines. now, i wouldn’t have thought that either of these magazines ever really used the word, but then again, i don’t read them to know…

about 7 months ago, i did hear al sharpton on the radio imploring people, especially youth, to stop using the word because of the implications it had in a hate crime in howard beach, brooklyn last year. 3 black male teenagers were brutally beaten by a gang of white male teenagers. they beat him with a bat while using racial epithets, including the ‘n’ word. during the trial, the ringleader owned up to using the ‘n’ word during the beating, but qualified it by reminding everyone that the word is “so commonly used today that it no longer has a predominantly racist connotation.” he was found guilty.

How do moves to ban the word affect you?

1) Finally! I never want to hear the word again!
2) Let’s be real…words only have the power you give them.
3) It’s just a word, the history of it doesn’t matter anymore.
4) Let it go…it’s a term of endearment!

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~ by Anayah on January 13, 2007.

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