i happen to know dr. kokayi, one of the creators of this documentary. he’s an immensely gifted and intuitive healer. though, i haven’t seen the documentary, i already know i’d recommend it…especially if you’ve ever been interested in learning more about and/or experiencing the transformative power of traditional african spirituality and/or medicine.

i also recommend reading healing wisdom of africa, self healing power & therapy, and the spirit of intimacy. must haves!

RETURN: the unseen world of indigenous african medicine


RETURN propels us into the unseen world of indigenous African medicine through native ritual, spiritual connections and sacrifice. Through exclusive visits with traditional healers across the African continent, we experience their ancient practices first hand. The film chronicles the journey of two African American professionals as they reconnect to the cultures of their ancestry, and encounter their own personal awakenings.

Two New Yorkers, Dr. Kamau Kokayi and Dr. Susan James, traveled to Ghana, Senegal, Nigeria, and South Africa, and Burkina Faso to enter a world often unseen and forbidden to outsiders. In Nigeria, witness the scarification ceremony of a newborn. In South Africa, watch as shamen take to the streets in protest of world AIDS policy.

In the remote village of Dano, Burkina Faso as guests of the world renowned Malidoma Somé, author of “Of Water and the Spirit”, Kamau and Susan participate in sacred Dagara ritual. During this magical part of the journey, Malidoma instantly became an integral member of the cast. His gift to “ hold the promise of modernity together with the wisdom of his indigenous land” is fully illuminated in this intimate cinematic experience.

As people in the west search for higher meaning, longevity and peace, RETURN offers alternatives for healing and enlightenment through ancient African traditions. The film is an unprecedented one hour length documentary, which calls to the forefront the spiritual elements of these traditions and the cultures that rely on them. The indigenous practices of African people have never before been portrayed with such honesty.

RETURN gives global voice to these extraordinary healers and brings to life the riches of their magic. From the clairvoyant Sangomas of South Africa, the divining Yoruba priests of Nigeria, to the healing village of Fatik, Senegal, the Ashanti kingdom in Ghana, the Dagara people of Burkina Faso, viewers will conclude that the complete story of human possibilities on this earth has yet unfold.


~ by Anayah on January 24, 2007.

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