talib kweli and blacksmith

talib kweli did an interview with sohh.com that includes footage from his performance at the nyc apple store. i like how they lead with a teaser about a possible black star album…i mean, who doesn’t want that to happen, like, yesterday?! anyway, he mentions an upcoming blacksmith (him, jean grey, and strong arm steady) album…definitely something to check out for.

unfortunately, wordpress doesn’t allow embedded video (except from youtube) so you’ll have to go here and click on talib’s photo. i wanted to hear more of what he had to say about new york hip hop. ever since ny rappers started their misguided attempts to “bring ny back,” i’ve felt like the fact that hip-hop as a distinct music form began in ny was keeping many of them from seeing the bigger picture. i could talk forever about that…maybe in another post.


anyhoo, visit talib kweli’s website and myspace page to hear the entire song he performed on the sohh.com clip and some other new stuff (listen to “country cousins” and “funny money”).


~ by Anayah on February 2, 2007.

2 Responses to “talib kweli and blacksmith”

  1. That Blacksmith mixtape was pretty hot. I loved it.

  2. i haven’t heard it yet. i’m wondering if it’s a group album – firm style – or a mixtape with the three of them spitting as individuals.

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