booklite: erotique noire / black erotica

kalamu ya salaam put a steady bassline throughout. . .in general, i make it a point to check out any anthology he’s in just off g.p. and even though he mostly contributed haikus in this one, this sensitively compiled compilation is well worth the time you’ll spend in it. this is a diasporic anthology with works from straight, gay, and just love-giving africana writers in north america, the caribbean, latin america, central america and beyond presenting touching, tasting, and pleasing without being too simple or trite.


i have to admit that i haven’t actually read any of the critical essays (it’s an anthology. . .i don’t have read the WHOLE thing at once!), i was moved, titilated, aroused, humored, and amazed by the content and creativity the poets and prose-masters brought with them. the editors assembled a sensual, lyrical fellowship that you’ll enjoy taking into your sacred spaces.

includes contributions from: alice walker, ntozake shange, chester himes, gloria naylor, jewelle gomez, charles blockson, audre lorde, and essex hemphill as well.


~ by Anayah on February 3, 2007.

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