booklite (kinda): dust tracks on a road

zora. . .ms. neale. . .sis. hurston, why do you work me into confusion?

your language and wit are always an inspiration/adventure. you create the kind of clear and magical imagery the rest of us only dream to. but, why are your views so consistently inconsistent?

how do you find it in your to be so expressive: upbraiding and honey-toungued all at the same time? i couldn’t close my mouth for awe and wanted to cry throughout for your humanity.

sometimes you say the thing with so much brilliance and truth that i’m reduced to water for no other option. remember this?:

“It seems to me that organized creeds are collections of words around a wish. I feel no need for such. However, I would not, by word or deed, attempt to deprive another of the consolation it affords. It is simply not for me. Somebody else may have the rapturous glance at the archangles. The springing of the yellow line of morning out of the misty deep of dawn, is glory enough for me. I know that nothing is destructible; things merely change forms. When the consciousness we know as life ceases, I know that I shall still be part and parcel of the world. I was a part before the sun rolled into shape and burst forth in the glory of change. I was, when the earth was hurled out from its fiery rim. I shall return with the earth to Father Sun, and still exist in substance when the sun has lost its fire, and disintegrated in infinity to perhaps become a part of the whirling rubble in space. Why fear? The stuff of my being is matter, ever changing, ever moving, but never lost; so what need of denominations and creeds to deny myself the comfort of all my fellow men? The wide belt of the universe has no need for finger-rings. I am one with the infinite and need no other assurance.” pp. 278-279


~ by Anayah on February 3, 2007.

One Response to “booklite (kinda): dust tracks on a road”

  1. i am so desperate to read a book by her – from what you said, sounds great!

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