oh, to be a fly on the wall…

hiphopdx.com reports that dave chappelle performed a 6-hour set of stand up at the laugh factory comedy club in los angeles. i miss dave and the show. i know alot of people like it, but i’ve never been able to get into the bondocks, it’s just don’t do it for me. “wayne brady,” “he’s rick james,” and “keepin it real” will forever be classics.

i’m feeling like chappelle, ms. hill, d’angelo, and maxwell need to stop playing around and do a “we love you back” tour.

Dave Chappelle’s Record Breaking 6 Hour Set

Dave Chappelle is back, and he’s breaking records.

According to an EUR Web report, the comedian who walked away from a hit show on Comedy Central made history at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles .

Chappelle showed up for a surprise gig and took the stage for a record breaking six hours. He began at 10:36 pm. Sunday and ended at 4:43 am . Monday morning. Chappelle pulled no punches during the set which covered everything from President Bush, Carlos Mencia and the infamous “Kramer incident” which took place on the very same stage last year.

During the set, Chappelle even took aim at Laugh Factory owner, Jamie Masada and the venue’s fine for comedians that use the “N” word.

“I was his punching bag for a half hour,” Masada said.

Chappelle racked up $2200 dollars in fines for using the word.

The record breaking set only lost a dozen of the 150 people in attendance.

“It was just one of those nights,” Masada said of the set. “He had everyone laughing for six hours.”

Looks like Dave’s got his swagger back.


~ by Anayah on April 20, 2007.

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