Erykah Badu brings “Honey”

The ever-eclectic Erykah Badu is loading bases for New Amerykah. This will be her fourth album (fifth release including the Live album). The video for the first single, “Honey” was released today:

Notice the reference to Minnie Riperton’s Perfect Angel (1974) cover. I was gonna dress as Minnie from this cover with the fro at a New Year’s costume party, but I couldn’t find the right overalls to pull it off! Anyhow, you know how much I love me some Minnie, so the video is all right with me. Honestly, I wasn’t feeling the song so much at first, but the video brought out a funkier texture than I got from just listening.

Early reports stated that the album was to be a double CD release, but it looks like they’re releasing it in parts.

Pre-order New Amerykah, Part One: 4th World War

Listen to another leaked* track, “The Healers.” Now, this track, I was feeling from jump…even though I barely understood more than 3 words from it.


~ by Anayah on January 28, 2008.

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  1. […] i posted the latest bangin’ video for ‘honey’ from the inimitable erykah badu.  last week i posted about the video and her replication of my minnie’s perfect angel […]

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