a video history of nappy hair

I just ran across this video on youtube. It’s a video summary of the book “Hair Story: the Roots of Black hair in America“. I have to say that I had never thought about enslaved Africans not being able to care for their hair – for centuries – and how that wold come to later affect our hair attitudes and behaviors. It’s some deep stuff because it sheds light on why perms and conchs became so important and naps so dreadful. I think I’m gonna read the book.The sister who made this video has a youtube channel dedicated to “break[ing] the depiction of straight hair being the best hair for women of color and Black women in particular.” check out some of Najahface’s other videos.

~ by Anayah on February 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “a video history of nappy hair”

  1. You are right about how slavery effects our cultural identity even today. Look at the female basketball team’s reaction to a white man dare to say anything about napps… We are truly a product of our past but it does not have to be our cultural identity for the future. We must realize the whats, explain the why, and write our own story for the future. We are no longer slave and now it is time we act like it…

  2. Kudos! Well done Sister. I throughly enjoyed this film.

  3. thanks for dropping by and leaving your comments. sometimes i’m amazed at just how much recent history we have yet to uncover because the questions haven’t been properly framed yet…

    in any case, this gave me a more nuanced understanding of what many might just label internalized oppression or self-hatred…

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