Boondocks slams BET – the banned clip

I finally found a way to post the clip of Aaron’ McGruder’s Boondocks airing out BET from “Hunger Strike” an episode that seems to have been banned from ever airing.


~ by Anayah on February 2, 2008.

4 Responses to “Boondocks slams BET – the banned clip”

  1. Ha! I’ve gotta say that I’m kinda surprised…mainly because I feel like Boondocks is a part of the problems facing the Black community (vulgar, sarcastic, pokes fun at Black people by way of [albeit animated] Black people, etc.) and not the solution, but this clip was actually pretty funny…with it being Black History Month and all, I guess it makes you kinda wonder if a Black-owned company will ever be able to “blow up” without selling out…

    …speaking of Black History Month, is it even worth having it anymore???

  2. i’m not a boondocker either…

    the clip wasn’t even all that funny to me. but i did agree with what i perceived to be the critique of bet.

    i think that black owned/created/run companies blow up all the time, on the low and with integrity. i don’t think that bob johnson ever intended to make the network anything progressive or radical for black people…other than himself. i now believe that he saw himself creating a product aimed at an under-targeted consumer base that he happened to identify with. cut and dry like that…

  3. Man, The Boondocks is an awesome show, and people need to learn to have a sense of humor. If you feel insulted by the show, THEN DON’T WATCH IT!!!

  4. thanks cracker…if i wasn’t clear before, i’ll state it now: i DON’T watch boondocks because it’s NOT funny. i’m humored by enough other foolishness that i don’t have to suffer through something that’s unfunny and insulting to me… i doubt if the copper sun does, considering what he said about the show.

    i posted the clip because it was actually interesting and so many of us are interested in the topic it addressed…

    relax, we’re just having conversation…

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